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San Marcos is one of the best places to live in San Diego — perhaps even in all of California. The diverse city has everything families and young professionals want and need, from crucial amenities to landmarks that remind residents of home, like the illuminated cross on the hill above Lake San Marcos and the Red Barn community center.

Make your home as special as the community it is in by paying attention to your interior design. 7 Sisters Interiors is your best choice for custom window treatments. Our team will help you create a unique look to meet the requirements of each room while ensuring cohesion throughout your home.

Choosing the Right Opacity for Your Shades

One important consideration when deciding on window treatments for each room is opacity. Three main factors influence the right opacity:

How you use the room. Think about how much light you want entering the room according to what activities you do in the space. For instance, you may want to block light completely in your bedroom and create a dark space where you can focus in your home office, but you may like to have plenty of light entering your dining room.

Privacy. San Marcos is densely populated, meaning privacy is a major concern for many homeowners. The greater opacity of your window treatments, the more privacy you’ll have.

Window orientation. Consider what time of day the sun will be entering your windows according to their orientation. You may like sunlight to wake you up in your bedroom, but bright light entering the kitchen when you’re preparing meals may be uncomfortable.

Keeping the above in mind should help you choose between the five levels of opacity:

Sheer — This allows the maximum amount of light into a room. Sheer window treatments reduce glare, but they’re insufficient if you want any amount of privacy.

Semi-sheer — As well as reducing the amount of light that enters your home, semi-sheer fabrics provide some privacy.

Semi-opaque — Strike a balance between allowing some light into the room and gaining privacy with semi-opaque fabric. Outlines of objects may still be visible through the window treatment.

Room-darkening — Choose a room-darkening fabric to prevent almost any light from entering and to maximize privacy.

Blackout — You need blackout fabric if you want to block light completely.

Layering Window Treatments

You can gain greater control over light levels and adapt your window treatments during the day to suit your changing needs through layering. For instance, this means there’s no need to choose between blackout or sheer curtains if you want the benefits of both without any of the disadvantages.

We have many ideas for pairing window treatments to suit San Marcos homes. The following examples will give you some inspiration — but bear in mind that 7 Sisters Interiors is able to create custom solutions just for you.

Drapes with Shades

The most common combination is drapes over shades. This allows you to frame your windows with drapes (to add to the aesthetics of the room) at the same time as controlling light and gaining privacy with shades. To block light, use roller shades that cover the entire window.

Layering Curtains

If privacy is less of a concern, layering two types of curtains may be ideal. For instance, you could have sheer curtains on the side nearest the window and heavier drapes (made from a semi-opaque or room-darkening fabric) on the outside. This allows you to add visual interest through different colors and fabrics.

Shades Over Blinds

A more unique option is to use shades over blinds. This is ideal for a room where you often need privacy (such as a bathroom or living room with views of the street) and places where you often want to reduce light (like a young child’s bedroom). It also gives you the chance to use two different textures or pair a solid with a pattern. For kids’ rooms, opt for cordless window treatments.

Find All These Solutions in the Hunter Douglas Showroom

At 7 Sisters Interiors, we recommend window treatments from the Hunter Douglas showroom — for their quality, customizability, and, above all, versatility, including a full range of fabrics at all levels of opacity. All the window treatments from Hunter Douglas filter light and reduce glare to some extent, including the sheer fabrics. The collection even has motorized electric shades, which many San Marcos homeowners like for bringing convenience and a sense of modernity to their homes.

Whatever kind of window treatments you decide your San Marcos home needs, 7 Sisters Interiors can provide the solution. We will design your window treatments according to your personal style, the architecture of your home, and your functional needs, such as light filtering, UV protection, safety, and privacy. We’ll help you achieve the kind of results that are only possible when you work with an interior designer.

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Teen bedroom design with bohemian elements
Organic cotton blend fabric sofa with blush accents
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Cozy Family room with drapery panels
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San Marcos Design with bird art
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