Few cities in Southern California have a bigger personality than Encinitas. Defined by surfing, coastal culture, and healthy lifestyles, the city radiates happiness.

Encinitas is a wonderful place to live for just about anyone — from young people and families to retirees looking to relax near the ocean. The wide variety of people who live in the city means that everyone has the opportunity to express their uniqueness. Homeowners can best do this through their interior design, in aspects like window treatments.

Expressing your personality

Window treatments may seem like a small thing, but nothing could be further from the truth. By framing views, window coverings connect the interior of your home to the outdoors. An improper choice of window treatment will make your home feel confusing and incomplete. The right choice, however, will instantly look like it belongs.

Some possible window treatment options that are perfect for Encinitas homes include:

  • Sheer curtains. Heavy drapes will always look out of place in a warm climate like Encinitas. In contrast, sheer curtains appear light and breezy. They also draw attention to the windows and lead the eye to the views beyond.
  • Natural woven shades. No matter if you have a modern or traditional space, woven shades are ideal. The sustainable material and organic tones exemplify your love of nature.
  • Cellular shades. For more challenging windows, consider cellular shades. These can fit even the most odd-shaped windows and hard-to-reach spots, like skylights.

Using window treatments to solve challenges

Window treatments also make your home more comfortable by solving a couple of common problems.

One challenge residents of Encinitas often face is sunlight entering homes at inconvenient times. The sun heats up your home, meaning you need to blast the AC. Another problem is that bright sunlight fades furnishings prematurely, resulting in the need to constantly update your interior — often long before the furniture has gone out of fashion.

The right window treatments instantly solve both problems. For instance, solutions like pleated shades filter UV light and insulate your home. Motorized roller blinds are also excellent. You can set a timer to raise and lower the blinds at certain times of the day to keep your home at a desirable temperature and prevent sun damage.

Why you still need an interior designer

Residents of Encinitas are often concerned that if they hire someone else, their interior design will no longer be their own. This is never an issue when you choose 7 Sisters Interiors. Rather than impose our own ideas on your interior design, we’ll guide you to make better choices. We’ll ensure that your window treatments are trendy and suitable for Encinitas, but that they also reflect your personal style.

Better yet, we understand Encinitas. We can help you customize any solution to make it look great for Encinitas and for your home. During our visit to your home, we’ll discuss how you can make changes to a window treatment to make it unique.

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