With large, beautiful homes along with smaller townhouses and condos, Carmel Valley, CA, is a classic suburbia. As most homes in the community are new constructions, interior design tends to be modern or contemporary. This gives homeowners the perfect opportunity to experiment and be original with their window treatments. To an extent, however, the right types of window treatments will depend on the size of your Carmel Valley home. 

Transform your home

Transform your home with our personalized interior design services, meticulously crafted to reflect the unique character of Carmel Valley. Our services include:

Space Planning: Optimize the layout of your rooms to enhance flow and functionality, tailored specifically for homes in Carmel Valley.

Color Consultation: Our experts help you choose the perfect color palette that complements your furnishings and the natural beauty of Carmel Valley.

Furniture Selection: We assist you in selecting pieces that fit your aesthetic and practical needs, enhancing the charm of your home.

Accessory Styling: From artwork to decorative objects, we curate the perfect finishing touches that resonate with the local style of Carmel Valley.

For busy areas in large homes, nothing beats roller shades: they offer privacy, flexibility, and convenience all in one. You can choose the design and color scheme, whether you want simple continuous or motorized shades, and how much light you want to enter.

For bedrooms, on the other hand, a great option is blackout shades. Large windows allow light to pour in as soon as the sun rises. If you want to sleep beyond dawn, blackout shades are invaluable for keeping you asleep. In fact, you should consider blackout shades essential if you ever want to sleep late on the weekends.

It’s even possible to find blackout shades that are motorized roller blinds. You can use a remote or your phone to control the shades from the comfort of your bed. Plus, you can even program the shades to raise at a certain time, which will help you stick to a regular morning routine — another great way to improve your health.


Townhouses in Carmel Valley are often just as luxurious as large homes. However, their smaller size does mean you have different factors to consider. For instance, you may like to find window treatments that make your rooms feel bigger. Flowing sheer curtains and drapes are ideal for this purpose. As a top treatment, lightweight curtains add elegance but allow you to retain the benefits of having blinds.


Homeowners face similar challenges with condos as with townhouses. The difference is that condos in Carmel Valley often have floor-to-ceiling windows, which require distinct window treatments.

The main challenge is to reduce the amount of light entering to stop your condo from becoming too hot in the summer. Cellular shades are perfect for this, especially since they match the modern feel of a Carmel Valley condo.

Another option to consider is wood shutters. Not only do they control light and heat, but they also give your home a fresh and natural feel. They work particularly well with wooden furniture, but their customizability means you can adapt them to suit practically any decor.

An interior designer for your Carmel Valley window treatments

In large homes with expansive views, window treatments are a central feature of any interior design. In condos and townhouses, window coverings are just as important, as you need to take advantage of every inch of space to imprint your personality onto your interior design.

Whether your home is large or compact, you’ll benefit from the support of an interior designer who specializes in window treatments. Our team at 7 Sisters Interiors has experience working with Carmel Valley homes of all sizes. We’ll help you customize any window treatment and infuse it with your style.

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