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Although it’s mostly known for being a major tourist destination in San Diego County, Oceanside is also a great place to live. Residents are able to enjoy the great beaches, the many things to see and do (including various cultural activities), and the easy access to other parts of California and beyond. Homeowners in this city tend to place an emphasis on style — something that is reflected in their homes through their interior design choices.

To make your own Oceanside home as stylish as possible, start by focusing on the windows. This is a great way to transform any room and tie all the other design elements together. To make sure you achieve the results you want, it’s important to work with an interior designer. You can count on the team at 7 Sisters Interiors for attention to detail, consideration of your needs, and an understanding of how to create innovative designs that work well for homes in Oceanside.

Current Trends in Window Treatments

To give your Oceanside home a modern feel, it’s a good idea to consider current trends in window treatments. 7 Sisters Interiors will give you personalized advice about how to adapt these trends to suit your own home.

Bold Accents

Although neutrals are still in vogue, we’re now seeing more window treatments with bold accents. Geometric and abstract patterns are a great way to make a space feel creative and unique to you.

Texture on Solids

Window treatments in solid colors are gaining visual interest through the addition of textures. You’ll notice this in all sorts of materials for everything from shades to drapes. This provides a way to add depth without relying on patterns. If you’ll be manually opening your window treatments, this also gives you a tactile experience.

Earthy Tones

It’s important to find ways to bring a sense of relaxation to your home, particularly when you live in a large city like Oceanside. Earthy tones do just that, especially natural shades of blue, green, brown, and gray.

Natural Textiles

Related to the trend of earthy colors is the use of natural textiles to complete the organic feel. Woven textiles are particularly popular, including wood shades made from bamboo, reeds, and grasses as well as burlap and linen curtains. All these materials have a warm feel that suits the climate in Oceanside. Although they work well for window treatments throughout the home, they’re most common in kitchens and on tall windows.

Sheer Drapery

Sheer drapes are ideal in climates where the sun is shining year round. If you want greater control of the light levels entering your home, opt for semi-sheer drapes. Some materials even filter UV rays to protect your furnishings.

Layered Window Treatments

Layers are ideal for improving the aesthetics of a window as well as providing greater functionality, especially when you choose materials with different light-filtering capabilities. For instance, you can embrace the trend of using natural materials in window treatments by layering wood blinds over window shades for the ultimate organic look.

Most significantly, though, this trend means there is no need to decide between blackout or sheer curtains: you can use both in the same window. This solves the issue of wanting a dark room at night and the flowing of sheer drapes for the daytime. The pairing is perfect for bedrooms as well as other rooms where you sometimes want to block out light, such as the living room or a home movie theater.

Striped Curtains

Some homes in Oceanside don’t have particularly high ceilings. You can create the illusion that your windows are higher by using curtains that feature thin, vertical stripes. Alternatively, if you want to make windows feel wider, use curtains with horizontal stripes — this aesthetic is also trending.

Where to Find Custom Window Treatments

At 7 Sisters Interiors, we recommend our clients use window treatments from the Hunter Douglas showroom. The designs are innovative, match current trends, and include modern features, including cordless and motorized window treatments for added convenience, safety, and security. The Hunter Douglas motorized electric shades use the PowerView® system, which enables you to integrate your window treatments into your smart home. They also come with a Pebble® Remote in the color of your choice.

We are proud to be a Priority Hunter Douglas Dealer. This means we have access to experienced installers who will measure your windows to ensure the perfect fit for your customized products.

Whether you live in Oceanside year round or have a vacation home in the city, it’s important your interior design will make you feel at home. 7 Sisters Interiors will create custom-fitted window treatments to complement the design you already have or set the stage for the overall aesthetic you envision for your home.

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