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Some of the most luxurious homes in Southern California are in Fairbanks Ranch. These private estates feel elite not just due to their proximity to spectacular beaches and exclusive amenities but also due to their stunning architecture.

To show pride in your home, you need to pay attention to every detail of your interior design. For window treatments, work with the interior designers at 7 Sisters Interiors. We’ll help you make key decisions, such as whether you should opt for blackout or sheer curtains, how to balance trends with your personal preferences, and ways to improve functionality without sacrificing style.

Do You Need Motorized Electric Shades?

Customized window treatments offer extra benefits in various ways. Being unique to your home, they have the perfect fit and use a style that suits your preferences, the architecture of your home, and the rest of your interior design. To take full advantage of customization capabilities, consider choosing motorized electric shades. There are several reasons why you may want motorized window treatments.

1. Convenience

The obvious reason for choosing motorized shades is the convenience. There’s no need to manually adjust the blinds throughout the day as the light changes or your needs change — you can control the shades from wherever you are, without needing to move from your couch, bed, or desk.

2. Safety

Blinds with cords pose a risk to young children and pets. Motorized shades have no cords, making them a much safer choice.

3. Integration into Your Smart Home

With motorized electric shades, you’ll be able to integrate window treatments into your smart home. This allows you to automate when the blinds open and close according to factors like time of day. If your blinds feature a thermostat, they’ll also be able to close as a reaction to temperature changes. This will save energy, reducing your energy bills.

4. Wake Up to Natural Lighting

Many people need almost pitch darkness to sleep. The problem with this is it may be difficult to wake up in the morning. Motorized blackout shades can close to create the ideal sleeping environment at night and then open right before you wake up, allowing you to take advantage of natural sunlight.

5. Enhanced Security

Whenever you’re away for a weekend or longer, it’s important to make it appear like you are at home. Motorized blinds add to the impression that someone is at home, which makes your home less of a target for burglars.

6. Higher Home Value

Prospective homebuyers in Fairbanks Ranch look for top-of-the-range amenities. Motorized blinds are an attractive addition to any home, helping your property stand out from those of your neighbors.

7. Protection from UV Rays

With automated motorized shades, you never need to remember to close your window treatments. They’ll automatically close during hours of intense daylight, protecting your furnishings from damage from UV rays.

The Hunter Douglas Showroom

You’ll find motorized electric shades in the Hunter Douglas collection. At 7 Sisters Interiors, we recommend Hunter Douglas due to the exceptional attention to quality and craftsmanship, innovative designs, and chance to customize treatments to suit your style. The motorized electric shades use PowerView® Automation for almost noiseless operation and integration with mobile devices. They also come with a Pebble® remote in the color of your choice.

In addition to motorized electric shades, you’ll find many other types of window treatments in the Hunter Douglas showroom, including regular blinds, shades, and drapes. All these are made with innovative materials, including sustainable fabrics and materials with UV protection. As 7 Sisters Interiors is a Priority Hunter Douglas Dealer, we have extra resources to create window treatments for your home. This includes experienced installers who will ensure the window treatments are the right fit and are installed correctly.

Our Other Brands

7 Sisters Interiors also works with several other brands that offer motorized window treatments. These include:

  • Graber — Motorized shades from Graber come in a number of styles to meet your needs, including soft shades. Features include integration with your smart home device, a remote control, and automation.
  • Horizons — Offering a range of motorized window coverings, all the options from Horizons are customizable to suit your design preferences. This is another brand with options that integrate into the rest of your smart home.
  • Fabritec — The motorized shades from Fabritec are high quality and have a long lifespan. The battery-powered motor will lead to savings now while increasing the value of your home.

Creating Your Window Treatments with an Interior Designer

Whatever window treatments you decide are best for your home, it’s important to work with an interior designer who is familiar with Fairbanks Ranch. The team at 7 Sisters Interiors has helped transform numerous properties, allowing homeowners to fully embrace the Fairbanks Ranch lifestyle.

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