Window treatments are a huge investment, no matter how much money you put into them. For the most part, these are going to be permanent fixtures of your home’s design. Chances are, then, you’re not going to go out and replace your home’s custom window treatments every single year, it’d be too expensive and a huge hassle. This is why we argue that window treatment trends don’t matter all that much.

Trends Only Matter if You Can Keep Up With Them

If you think about it, the only time trends and fads matter is when you can keep with them. Trends go away, fads fade over time, and if you don’t stick with them you’re going to be the person wearing bell-bottom pants twenty years after they’ve gone out of style.

When it comes to window treatments, you can’t change them every single time the current trend or fad changes. It’d be too expensive, and would be a huge hassle. And trends change every year. Right now, modern design is in, but classic design will be back.

Window treatment trends only matter insofar as they dictate what is being sold. And even then there are still treatments that fall outside of the trend available for you to buy, so you’re not stuck with whatever the current convention is.

It’s All About The Personal

It’s your home remember? It isn’t about being trendy or being with it, it’s about creating a unique style for your home that fits in with your design and your personality. Trends ignore this entire facet of human character and assume that we’re all the same, which we’re not.

Your window treatments are going to play a huge role in the design of your living space. When you have people over for a dinner party, or invite relatives to stay the weekend, being trendy isn’t going to gain you as many points as being unique will.

But Then Again…

When it comes to fashion, trends to matter. So in the end whether or not you think custom window treatment trends matter is going to depend on whether or not you think fashion trends matter. In some ways these trends are societal (we all stopped wearing bell-bottoms at around the same time), which means that while it may not be unique to go with the trend, it does make you feel like you fit in.

Again, it’s all going to come down to your personal taste. Do you want to go with Plantation shutters or are you going to go with some other window treatment? It will depend on your home, your design, and your personality. And that’s the way it should be.