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When thinking about your home’s interior design, the windows often are just one thing on a list that spans everything from wall hangings to furniture. One of the reasons why window treatments often take a back seat is because doing it right means a huge investment, and oftentimes that money can be used to improve some other part of the house’s design or livability. One option for those who want custom window treatments are plantation shutters.

Plantation shutters offer several advantages over traditional window treatments. Today we’re going to look at why plantation shutters make sense.

white wood shutters for arched windows in a living room

Unique and Distinguished look

The first reason that plantation shutters make sense is that they offer your home a unique and distinguished look. Everyone has curtains or shade of some sort. Plantation shutters on the other hand, make your home stand out because the shutters look like they were made for your home instead of being generic pieces of cloth or plastic.

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Functional Too!

Plantation shutters also offer additional function over traditional window treatments. They allow you to have a tighter control on the amount of sunlight that is allowed into your home. Traditional window coverings like curtains are either all or nothing (they are either open or closed). Plantation shutters are often split into two parts, which means you can have them thrown open to let in all the light, or you can close one and leave the other open. You can also control the slant of the slats so that they either let in more or less light while still preventing easy viewing of your living space from the outside.

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Adding Value to Your Home

Because of the way plantation shutters are installed, you will almost always leave them behind when you move out of your home. That means like a newly installed hardwood floor, they add value to your home. Custom window treatments that are included in the home can add significant value to your home, which means you can ask just a little more money for it.

contrasting wood shutters for french doors Solana Beach Ca

Bottom Line

Plantation shutters aren’t the cheapest type of custom window treatment on the market, but they are perhaps the best for your home. While there is nothing wrong with the other types of window treatments, plantation shutters add character to your home while also being incredibly functional. For the home owner who is looking to get the best bang for their buck, planation shutters are often the best deal if only because of the added value they give your home. Everyone loves to add value to their home.

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