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Discover Top Window Treatments in San Diego with 7 Sisters Interiors

At 7 Sisters Interiors, we understand the importance of beautiful and functional window treatments. Our top treatments for windows are designed to enhance your home’s aesthetic while providing practical benefits such as light control and privacy. Here’s an overview of the variety of top treatments we offer to our clients in San Diego.

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Valances are a popular choice for adding a decorative touch to your windows. They are fabric treatments designed to cover the upper portion of the window, and they can be used independently or in combination with curtains, blinds, or shades.Valances come in a variety of styles, including:

Box Pleat Valances: Featuring a structured and tailored look, perfect for formal spaces.

Traditional Swag and Balloon Valances: Draped fabric that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. Not as many clients as for this option.


Cornices are top treatments made from wood or other sturdy materials, covered with fabric, and mounted over the top of the window. They provide a clean, polished look and can be customized with various fabrics, trims, and shapes to match any decor. Cornices are ideal for adding a bold statement and can help to hide window treatment hardware.

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Lambrequins extend down the sides of the window, providing a more dramatic frame. They are similar to cornices but offer additional coverage and can be highly decorative. Lambrequins are perfect for adding architectural interest and can be customized with intricate designs and embellishments.

Window Scarves

Window scarves are long pieces of fabric draped gracefully over a curtain rod or window frame. They create a soft, romantic look and are versatile enough to complement various window treatments. Window scarves can be styled in multiple ways, making them an excellent option for those who enjoy changing their decor frequently.

Window Scarves
Pelmet Boxes

Pelmet Boxes

Pelmet boxes are similar to cornices but are typically more elaborate in design. They can be upholstered and feature intricate patterns or bold colors. Pelmet boxes add a touch of luxury and are often used in formal living rooms or dining areas.

Why Choose 7 Sisters Interiors?

At 7 Sisters Interiors, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality, custom-made window treatments that cater to your specific needs and preferences. Our experienced designers work closely with you to select the perfect top treatments for your windows, ensuring a seamless blend with your existing decor.


Tailored to fit your windows perfectly and match your interior style.

Quality Materials

We use only the finest fabrics and materials to ensure durability and longevity.

Professional Installation

Our team ensures a precise and flawless installation for optimal performance.

Transform Your Windows Today!

Ready to elevate the look of your windows with our top treatments? Contact 7 Sisters Interiors to schedule a consultation with one of our window treatment specialists. Let us help you create stunning and functional window treatments that enhance the beauty of your home!

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