One of the most difficult things about having shades in your home is opening and closing them throughout your whole house. It seems like a trivial thing, but if you live in a house that has many windows, it can take some time for you to throughout your house and close all the blinds. So what’s the solution? The solution is battery-powered roller shades from a company like 7 Sisters Interiors.

Today we’re going to talk about the benefits of using battery-powered roller shades supplied by 7 Sisters Interiors.

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UP and down With Ease

The first and most obvious benefit of battery-powered roller shades is that you can easily control them with a central control panel. That means that you can pull all the shades in your home up or down at the same time. That means you can save your time and control your shades with Google Home or Alexa.

Many Control Options

With this ability, you need an easy way to control the shades. There are many options for you to choose from. First is the wall-mounted or a traditional remote. The other options include controlling shades with Ipad, Smartphone, Google Home and Alexa application. So controlling the battery-powered roller shades could be as easy as changing the channel on the television.

No Need for an Electrician

Because there are so many options, you won’t need an expensive electrician to come into your home to install the control pad. Even the wall-mounted controls are all wireless, which means they don’t need a direct power source. These come with an easy to change battery system, which means no need to grab a screwdriver every time the batteries run out.

Many Design Choices

Like traditional shades, battery-powered roller shades come in many different custom made styles which means there is sure to be one that fits your décor, your windows, and your budget.


If you are still inconvenienced by pressing the button on the power solar roller shades, you can automate the process so that the shades open and close at specific times during the day. That means you never actually have to worry about the shade’s position unless you want the shades open or closed outside of that schedule.

Bottom Line

While it doesn’t seem like something that most people worry about, if you’re going to spend money on window treatments, you should consider the effort it takes to use them. By investing in power motorized roller shades, you will remove that hassle and will increase the value of your home at the same time. You can find many different options for window treatments at 7 Sisters Interiors.

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