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Escondido is truly a city for everyone. Not only does it have a variety of attractions — ranging from parks and cultural spaces to the famous San Diego Zoo Safari Park — it has diverse real estate to suit all types and sizes of families. The neighborhoods range from the vibrant downtown to suburban developments and almost rural locations with expansive countryside.

Interior design styles also differ greatly between homes. Some families choose a traditional style, others seek for a contemporary or modern feel, and yet others take inspiration from their Spanish colonial architecture. However, something almost all the homes have in common are amenities to make life more comfortable, such as community pools and shared outdoor spaces.

Homeowners like to bring this sense of comfort and luxuriousness to the interiors through their home design. Crucial for achieving this is attention to window treatments — as it’s your window treatments that provide you with privacy, frame your views, and tie other elements of your home together. For the best results, you should work with an interior designer who specializes in window treatments and knows Escondido well. The team at 7 Sisters Interiors has you covered.

The Hunter Douglas Showroom

A particularly popular solution for window treatments with homeowners in Escondido is the Hunter Douglas showroom. At 7 Sisters Interiors, we recommend these window treatments for their high quality, customizability, and attractive appearance.


With blinds from the Hunter Douglas range, you’re able to precisely control light and privacy with adjustable louvers. This is ideal for maintaining the right temperature inside your home and protecting your furnishings from UV rays during the daytime while still being able to enjoy the views of your Escondido neighborhood just beyond your windows.


Like many other products in the Hunter Douglas range, shades come in energy-efficient options. These use insulating materials and designs to regulate indoor temperature throughout the year, prevent your home from heating up during hot summers, and keep you comfortable during the cool winter months. With energy-efficient shades, you’ll not only create a more stylish home, you may find you save money on utility costs. If sustainability is a concern, you’ll be glad to hear that Hunter Douglas also has shades made from eco-friendly materials.

Motorized Electric Shades

Some Hunter Douglas shades even integrate into your smart home. For instance, motorized electric shades are both controllable with a remote and programmable into a system like Alexa or Google Home. Many homeowners find these options more convenient. In addition, they’re safer for families with young children and pets due to the lack of a cord.


A timeless style of window treatment is drapes. Although Escondido never experiences especially cold weather, it still feels comforting in the winter evenings to know that your home is protected from the elements. The right drapes, of course, will suit your home year round. For example, we often recommend drapes from Hunter Douglas in white or off-white colors for Escondido homes with Spanish-inspired interiors and in bold tones or with subtle patterns for rural retreats.

Blackout Curtains

There are many situations where you may need a fabric that prevents light from entering a room, such as for privacy reasons, if you struggle to sleep, or for a home theater. The Hunter Douglas showroom has blackout curtains that are both functional and elegant.

Sheer Curtains

For rooms where privacy is less of a concern, you may like to take advantage of a sheer material to diffuse light rather than block it completely. Those in the Hunter Douglas range offer UV filtering, which is a far better option than leaving your windows uncovered during the day if you’re concerned about your furniture or flooring fading from exposure to the sun.

What’s Better for You: Blackout or Sheer Curtains?

A major consideration for homeowners is always whether they’d prefer a window treatment to block light (such as with blackout curtains) or that allows light to enter the home (such as with sheer curtains). There are pros and cons to both options that you need to weigh for each of your windows. An interior designer will help you make the right choices throughout your home to ensure you’re happy with the final result.

Working with an Interior Designer from 7 Sisters Interiors

Since there are a variety of architectural and interior design styles throughout Escondido, it’s not enough to work with someone who knows the area — you need an interior designer who is familiar with homes similar to yours. At 7 Sisters Interiors, we have helped countless homeowners throughout Escondido create unique window treatments to suit their individual styles. As a Priority Hunter Douglas Dealer, we also have access to experienced installers to measure and install window treatments from the collection.

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