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You are a unique individual, and your style is all your own. Sometimes it’s hard to express that in a way that suits you when designing a space for yourself. If you want to create a style that is unique and speaks to you, you may be concerned about how to do so.

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Don’t Get Influenced By Trends

Implementing a trend into your design for the sake of doing something trendy is risky. Trends become trends because of their popularity, and they fall out of fashion for the same reason, often at unpredictable rates. Trends are also not universal. They might work for some, but there’s no guarantee that they will work for you. Going with something just because it is considered to be “in” can be costly and make you miserable in the long run. Not every trend will fit into every space, nor is every direction a practical one. If you’re going to implement something trendy, do so because you like it, not because everyone else likes it. You can make it more your own by putting your own twist on it to make it stand out from the next person’s.

Stay True To Yourself

Peer pressure doesn’t stop when you leave high school, and it can affect your style and choices as an adult. You, above all others, know yourself. Feel free to say no to what you don’t like and fight for what you do. If a design doesn’t fit with what you want, say something about it. Don’t let someone else make a decision for you without having your thoughts on the matter taken into consideration. Take away whatever doesn’t seem like an accurate representation of who you are, and add or replace it with something that does. It’s your space, and the design should properly reflect who you are and what the space means to you.

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Keep It Fresh

Keeping your style fresh and timeless might seem to be a bit of a daunting task, but it can be relatively easy. When you’re designing a space, stay adaptable. New products are released on a regular basis and you can discover something new every day. You might find something you want to add later on or find yourself changing things up. Your tastes and personality change and grow over time, so having a space that can properly accommodate those changes with little to no fuss is a necessity. Your style can stay fresh and interesting with little touches in the right places.

Don’t Have A Style?

Alright, maybe you don’t have a “style” in the sense that everyone else thinks. That’s okay! Start with things you like and what you’re comfortable with, then built from there. Experiment with your designs and learn what fits for you. You can combine different aspects into a design and still make it work because it’s yours. Style is always evolving and there are no strict parameters laid out that you need to follow.

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