Windows are great things. So much so that for the most part, the more windows a house has, the higher its property value. The problem for homeowners is that the more windows you have in your home, the more expensive it becomes to get custom window treatments for all the windows. The question we’re going to answer today is how do you choose the best custom window treatments while still staying within your decorating budget?

Step 1 – Choose What Type of Custom Window Treatment You Want

There are many types of treatments (blinds, shads, plantation shutters, etc.), so the first step is to choose which type you want. This entails looking at books and catalogues to see how they might look in your living space.

Step 2 – Swatches Are Your Friend

Most companies will send you a free batch of samples so that you can actually see what the custom window treatments look like in your home.

Step 3 – Getting the Measurements Right

The third step, once you’ve made your design decision, is to get out a tape measure and get the measurements for each window you’re adding treatments to.

Each treatment will need to be measured in a different way. Plantation shutters, for example, often have a top and bottom section, so you’ll need exact measurements based on how the treatments cover the window.

Step 4 – Features

The fourth step is to choose what features to get for the treatment you’ve chosen. Each type of window treatment will have a separate list of possible features like valance and hardware options. This will probably be the most difficult decision because it gets down to the details of how the custom window treatments will look.

Bottom Line

The benefits of custom window treatments may not be apparent to those who have never had the need for them before. One of the biggest benefits is that they add significant value to your home. Because they are designed specifically for the windows in your house, they will probably stay there when you sell. That means that you can add in the cost to the selling price, as well as the perceived design value that they add.

Outside of their monetary additions to your home’s property value, custom window treatments also add value to your lifestyle. There have been many studies that show well-designed rooms make us happier and more productive. IF you can find the right custom window treatment for your windows, you’ll love the way they look with the rest of your décor.