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The home fashion industry can be as trendy as clothing trends. Just as you completed your home remodel and ready to take a break from homely updates there is always something new around the corner. If you’re about to sail into remodeling or decorating journey, here are few recent “IN and OUT” style guides.

IN: Statement Fixtures

While classic chandeliers and mirrors will always stand the test of time, they won’t make your home stand out. Swap out that old ceiling light for a pendant light in a bold metallic. That rectangular mirror you’ve got hanging in the bathroom? Replace it with a statement mirror in an attractive shape or frame to infuse some style into the room.


white kitchen gold accents

OUT: Polished Stainless Steel

The silver sheen has remained a popular option for appliances for years, giving kitchens a sleek, professional feel. However, the trend is turning dull as of late. Instead of the sterile silver, try going with a black or bronze-colored stainless steel option for your next refrigerator or stove.

IN: Formal Dining Rooms

Dining rooms no longer are just for holiday functions or extra office space. More people are using their homes’ formal dining rooms for their original purpose and are having sit-down family meals regularly, even if it’s pizza on a Tuesday night. An excellent, dining set with enough seats for the whole family is a must and can be easily adjusted to accommodate additional guests.


Dining with white bamboo chairs blue accents

OUT: Technology-Filled Living Rooms

It’s time to unplug. With the amount of screen time you’re exposed to regularly, you need a space where you can unwind without distraction. Take away the TV and catch up on the day-to-day with your family, or read a book.

IN: Kitchens with Mixed Materials

A hyper-organized and bright kitchen can make one of the warmest rooms in the house feel cold. Combine different styles for a personalized twist. Two-tone your cabinets and shelves, with lighter staining for the upper cabinets and a darker for the lower. Try a backsplash in a bright ceramic tile and countertops in concrete for a surprising pairing.


best white kitchen remodel with quartz countertops del ma ca

OUT: Fancy Entryways

You no longer need to shock your guests with your elegance the second you open the front door. Having a fancy flourish or expensive décor in your entryway can create a lot of excess hassle, and puts pressure on the rest of your house to have that wow-factor. Going with a relaxed Farmhouse-style entryway allows for more durability and accommodation for your guests.

IN: Fireplaces

As much of a hassle traditional fireplaces can be, they are a beautiful accent for your home. Turning a fireplace into the focal point of a room creates a cozy ambiance. Wood-burning fireplaces are no longer the only option, as gas fireplaces have become more affordable, and even non-working fireplaces can create a sense of warmth in a space.


living room interior design

OUT: Basic Bathrooms

Upgrading such a simple room in your house can make guests feel welcome, and your morning routine less dull. Rather than plain tile or paint on the walls, try something textured, graphics, or prints. Bidets, which were unpopular for years in America, are starting to catch on as high-tech toilets come on the market. Adding furniture-like pieces to your bathroom can make it feel more like a part of your home.

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