You want your living space to be catered to your style and interests so that it always feels like home to you. When choosing draperies and curtains for your home, what are the header pleat options that you may want to consider?

Custom drapery header styles


Drapery and Curtain Pleat Styles

Believe it or not, there is are very few universal names of the drapery and curtain pleat styles. Even the term drapery is not consistent; some say drapes, some say curtains. The same way the names of the pleat styles may vary depending on the workroom you use. So before finalizing the order make sure your vision matches the name the workroom uses.

Commonly used pleat styles

Custom Drapery Header options


For a run-through of your options, you have pinch pleat, four-finger pleat, inverted pleat, roll pleat, cartridge pleat, and box pleat! It may seem like an abundance of different drapery & curtain pleats, but all these options are there just so that you can find the exact look you want for your home!

Box pleat curtain heading styles

Inverted curtain pleat style drapes


Inverted pleat drapes


Modern Curtain pleat style san diego california


          Double Crown Pleat Drapery Heading

Double crown pleat heading pleat curtain style


Crown pleated drapery


Double crown pleat drapery

Triple Crown Pleat Heading style

Triple crown pleat curtains San diego Ca


Triple crown pleat drapes rancho santa fe ca


Triple Pinch Pleat Heading Style

Triple pinch pleat curtains Del Mar ca


Plain Top Curtain Heading Style

relaxed drapery heading style


Three Finger Pinch Pleat Drapery

Traditional Pinch pleat drapery header

You aren’t limited to these common drapery header styles only. At 7 Sisters Interiors, we can create any custom header style that suits your taste.

Custom drapery header pinch pleat with shutters

In the end, what matters most in your home is that your style and preferences are reflected throughout! Explore the different options of custom drapery to determine what best fits your fashion choices, and then you will be on your way to customizing the home of your dreams!

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