There are many reasons why plantation shutters are an excellent choice over other window treatments.

Why Plantation Shutters are the right choice?

Perhaps the best one is that they add a beautiful framing to otherwise insignificant windows. Plus they look great from the outside as well. Which means you’ll be able to differentiate your home from those of your neighbors and friends.


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Custom Options

Plantation shutters are different than other types of window treatments, you can choose a layout to fit each window. Bi-fold, one panel, left or right swing, louver size, hidden tilt or classic tilt, finish, frame, etc. All of those options are customizable to compliment your home decor.


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A fantastic option for arched or angular windows

Custom plantation shutters can be built in almost any shape. If you are lucky to own a round, oval, angular or any uniquely shaped windows in your home, plantation shutters might be the best solution.

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Also, unlike traditional blinds, plantation shutters can be divided into two separate parts, top, and bottom, which will allow you to control each section separately. A great solution for privacy in bedrooms, kids rooms, and no cords to worry about child safety.


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Bank Financing

They can be financed right into your home. The reason for this isn’t bank generosity, but instead the fact that because these shutters will stay with the house when you sell it.

If you ever sell your home, the plantation shutters are a high selling point and can add significant value to your home.


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Build To Order

The one downside of plantation shutters is that your every window has to be custom fitted for the shutter to work correctly. Each one is custom made and production time can take 3-6 weeks for local or 8-12 weeks for overseas manufacturers. Regardless, they are worth the wait.