Selecting a good fabric to cover your windows is extremely important. Window treatments can bring coziness in your home; they protect the room from the sun and curious eyes but most of all window treatments determine the ambience in the home – they make it more elegant and more intimate. The fabric used in the window treatments can be made of natural and artificial materials, both types come with advantages and disadvantages so make sure you learn something more before you make a decision. In order to help you with your task we are presenting you 3 top fabric window treatments.

Roman Shades

Those looking for more traditional and classic look in their rooms should look for roman shades. They provide a tidy and smooth look and what makes them especially good is the fact that they can fit in any type of interior design. They don’t come in only one design and there are several variants of these shades which mean that anyone can find a style that suits them the best. As we have mentioned before there are many types of fabrics. Of course, the number of artificial fabrics is increased every year. People can choose from polyester, cellular shades and many other materials. They also come in various levels of thickness too. Roman shades are especially useful when it comes to insulation and filtering of light.

Top treatments

When it comes to fabric window top treatments it is good to mention that they can be used in a combination with blinds or shades in order to achieve better control of privacy and light. They are not very big but this doesn’t mean that they are not valuable when it comes to decoration. This is actually their main purpose – to beautify the look of your windows and the room in general. In the past top treatments were used to hide the unpleasant look of window treatment hardware. In modern times, top treatments especially fabric top treatments are used to improve the look of the room. Larger rooms require slightly longer top treatments. People use top treatments made from different fabrics like heavy cotton, sturdy canvas, various cotton blends etc. In other words, you can easily find fabrics that suit the style of your room.

Curtains and draperies

Curtain and draperies are probably the oldest types of window treatments. You can find many different designs of these treatments. Of course, the best option is to find curtains and draperies made of fabrics. Since these treatments often go out of the frame of the windows they can significantly affect the overall look of the room. This is why you need to pay special attention when you are buying them. This advice is especially useful when it comes to the colors. You simply cannot go wrong if you choose warm, neutral colors. The style of course should be matching the style of your room – modern, classic, fancy etc.

Whatever option you choose, you can be sure that you will have beautiful looking windows thanks to some of these great fabric windows treatment options. 7 Sisters Interiors can help you choose the right window covering for your room. Contact us today.