The Benefits of Custom Draperies and Curtains

Adding a set of beautiful custom-made window treatments can be the cherry on top of a whole design. Going with custom draperies and curtains can tie a room’s entire design together in a way that store bought can’t. When you’re designing your” home, think about the benefits of custom curtains and draperies.

sheer draperies layered with wood white plantation shutters Carlsbad Ca

Enhances the View

Custom curtains can be made to complement your windows and act as the perfect framing for your view of the outside. When open, custom draperies clear the view and can show off the beautiful millwork of the window framing. Don’t want to see what is outside anymore or need to block out the sun for a little while? Think of custom curtains as the wrapping on a present; they’re lovely even when they’re closed and the anticipation of seeing what is underneath adds to the joy of opening them.

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Unique Style

One of the biggest benefits of custom draperies is that no one else is going to have the same ones. Instead of going with the trendiest style in the store, you can have a customized style that is purely yours. The entire space is taken into account when making custom draperies to ensure that they perfectly compliment the space. Store bought options won’t necessarily fit with the design and trying to find the closest match to what you need can lead to extra stress that you just don’t need.

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More Options

Choosing custom over store-bought presents you with millions of options. In terms of fabrics alone, your possibilities are virtually unlimited. You can combine any choice of color, pattern, and material into exactly what you want and need for your space. By deciding what they will look like and what they’re made of, you can better control the quality of the finished piece. Customizable options make them perfect for layering with other window treatments, regardless if those other treatments are not customized themselves.

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With custom draperies, there is a significant amount of attention and care that goes into every step of their creation. As a result, they will usually be far more durable and will last longer than mass-produced store bought curtains. Constantly having to replace or repair draperies due to damage and age can end up costing more than they are worth. While custom draperies can be expensive, making sure that they’ll hold up to whatever thrown at them can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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Better Fit

One of the most frustrating things in design is finding something in the store that fits perfectly with your design and learning that it’s physically isn’t going to fit. It’s too big, too small, it’s not wide enough.

Store bought draperies are typically available in 12-inch increments, usually 84 inches, 96 inches, or 108 inches. These common sizes are not the best height for best fitting draperies. For an example, with eight foot tall ceilings 96 inch draperies are too long and 84 inch draperies are too short.

Our custom draperies and curtains are handmade locally to the specific height needed. In doing so, we can be absolutely certain that they will be the perfect size and length that you need.