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Custom Drapery and Curtain Heading Styles

Everybody has their own individual style that has developed over years of figuring out their personal tastes and preferences. This applies to clothing, music, and, of course, home décor!

You want your living space to be catered to your style and interests so that it always feels like home to you. So when picking drapery for your home, what are the heading options that you may want to consider?


Variety of Pleat Styles

Believe it or not, there is are very few universal names of the header styles. The names of the pleat styles may vary depending on which workshop you order from, but no matter what the name, there is a wide variety of pleats for you to select from! For a run-through of your options, you have pinch pleat, four finger pleat, inverted pleat, roll pleat, cartridge pleat, and box pleat!

This may seem like an abundance of different pleats, but all these options are there just so that you can find the exact look you want for your home! For great deals and photographs of what these different pleats look like, check out 7 Sisters Interiors and all the options we offer! The pleating on these custom drapes provides an elegance and flair versus a typical flat drape.

Custom Drapery Header options



Above are some of the more classic pleat styles, depending on the theme and décor of your room, you can decide which of these styles fits best in your home! You aren’t limited to these options only, at 7 Sisters Interiors we can create any custom header style that fits your taste.

grommet drapery side panels san Diego purple green side panels with rings

Schedule a Consultation Today to Find the Best Fit!

If you are unsure which design best matches the style of your home, you can schedule an interior design consultation with 7 Sisters Interiors to receive professional advice about the best options for you!

In the end, what matters most in your home is that your own style and preferences are reflected throughout! Explore the different options of custom drapery to determine what best fits your fashion choices, and then you will be on your way to customizing the home of your dreams!


The Benefits of Custom Draperies and Curtains

Adding a set of beautiful custom-made window treatments can be the cherry on top of a whole design. Going with custom draperies and curtains can tie a room’s entire design together in a way that store bought can’t. When you’re designing your” home, think about the benefits of custom curtains and draperies.

sheer draperies layered with wood white plantation shutters Carlsbad Ca

Enhances the View

Custom curtains can be made to complement your windows and act as the perfect framing for your view of the outside. When open, custom draperies clear the view and can show off the beautiful millwork of the window framing. Don’t want to see what is outside anymore or need to block out the sun for a little while? Think of custom curtains as the wrapping on a present; they’re lovely even when they’re closed and the anticipation of seeing what is underneath adds to the joy of opening them.

custom window treatments drapery panels

Unique Style

One of the biggest benefits of custom draperies is that no one else is going to have the same ones. Instead of going with the trendiest style in the store, you can have a customized style that is purely yours. The entire space is taken into account when making custom draperies to ensure that they perfectly compliment the space. Store bought options won’t necessarily fit with the design and trying to find the closest match to what you need can lead to extra stress that you just don’t need.

layering wood shutters with custom drapery panels San Marcos CA

More Options

Choosing custom over store-bought presents you with millions of options. In terms of fabrics alone, your possibilities are virtually unlimited. You can combine any choice of color, pattern, and material into exactly what you want and need for your space. By deciding what they will look like and what they’re made of, you can better control the quality of the finished piece. Customizable options make them perfect for layering with other window treatments, regardless if those other treatments are not customized themselves.

dining room french door shutters white composite faux wood


With custom draperies, there is a significant amount of attention and care that goes into every step of their creation. As a result, they will usually be far more durable and will last longer than mass-produced store bought curtains. Constantly having to replace or repair draperies due to damage and age can end up costing more than they are worth. While custom draperies can be expensive, making sure that they’ll hold up to whatever thrown at them can save you a lot of money in the long run.

modern draperies horizontal stripes indigo dining room San Marcos Ca

Better Fit

One of the most frustrating things in design is finding something in the store that fits perfectly with your design and learning that it’s physically isn’t going to fit. It’s too big, too small, it’s not wide enough.

Store bought draperies are typically available in 12-inch increments, usually 84 inches, 96 inches, or 108 inches. These common sizes are not the best height for best fitting draperies. For an example, with eight foot tall ceilings 96 inch draperies are too long and 84 inch draperies are too short.

Our custom draperies and curtains are handmade locally to the specific height needed. In doing so, we can be absolutely certain that they will be the perfect size and length that you need.


Why Your House Needs Custom Window Treatments |Rancho Santa Fe CA

When you first buy and move into your new home, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is how much it’s going to sell for when you sell it. In fact, we suspect, that no one is actually thinking a lot about resale value of their home when they first move in. There are simply too many other things to worry about.

However, just because you’re not thinking about it, doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Today we’re going to talk about how your home can be improved with custom window treatments.

sheer draperies layered with wood white plantation shutters Carlsbad Ca

Increases Your Home’s Value

Because these are custom window treatments, you will most likely leave them behind when you eventually sell your home to the next family. That means they don’t have to buy them, which means you can include them in the price of your home. That’s good for every homeowner because while you may not be thinking about selling your home, adding value is always important.

Enhances Your Room Design

When it comes to room design, the windows aren’t always on the top of the list. People think about the furniture, the floor coverings, and the electronics. Often the windows come after all that.

Custom window treatments can add a great deal to a rooms design, as well as be completely functional. If, for example you’re setting up a home theatre room, you’ll want the room to be as dark as possible for when you’re viewing the latest explosion-filled movie from Michael Bay.

Custom window treatments will be a great way to make sure that sunlight doesn’t get in the way of your viewing experience.

Modern Roller shades scalloped hem Rancho santa Fe Ca

Looking In From the Outside

Another reason why custom window treatments are important is that they can be seen from the outside. While for sure they add to the interior design of the room, they also add a lot to the exterior design as well. You can tell a difference in the appearance of a home that uses a custom window treatment and a home that uses simple cloth curtains.

The look of your home matters, even if you plan on sticking around for a long time. It matters because it makes you happier, and makes your home more impressive and inviting to friends and family. That’s why custom window treatments make a lot of sense for a lot of homeowners.


Why Plantation Shutters Make the Most Sense For Your Home | Rancho Santa Fe CA

When thinking about your home’s interior design, the windows often are just one thing on a list that spans everything from wall hangings to furniture. One of the reasons why window treatments often take a back seat is because doing it right means a huge investment, and oftentimes that money can be used to improve some other part of the house’s design or livability. One option for those who want custom window treatments are plantation shutters.

Plantation shutters offer several advantages over traditional window treatments. Today we’re going to look at why plantation shutters make sense.

white wood shutters for arched windows in a living room

Unique and Distinguished look

The first reason that plantation shutters make sense is that they offer your home a unique and distinguished look. Everyone has curtains or shade of some sort. Plantation shutters on the other hand, make your home stand out because the shutters look like they were made for your home instead of being generic pieces of cloth or plastic.

White composite Shutters 7

Functional Too!

Plantation shutters also offer additional function over traditional window treatments. They allow you to have a tighter control on the amount of sunlight that is allowed into your home. Traditional window coverings like curtains are either all or nothing (they are either open or closed). Plantation shutters are often split into two parts, which means you can have them thrown open to let in all the light, or you can close one and leave the other open. You can also control the slant of the slats so that they either let in more or less light while still preventing easy viewing of your living space from the outside.

contrasting cafe wood shutters for french doors carlsbad CA

Adding Value to Your Home

Because of the way plantation shutters are installed, you will almost always leave them behind when you move out of your home. That means like a newly installed hardwood floor, they add value to your home. Custom window treatments that are included in the home can add significant value to your home, which means you can ask just a little more money for it.

contrasting wood shutters for french doors Solana Beach Ca

Bottom Line

Plantation shutters aren’t the cheapest type of custom window treatment on the market, but they are perhaps the best for your home. While there is nothing wrong with the other types of window treatments, plantation shutters add character to your home while also being incredibly functional. For the home owner who is looking to get the best bang for their buck, planation shutters are often the best deal if only because of the added value they give your home. Everyone loves to add value to their home.