Window Treatments

Why purchase your window treatments through interior designer? 

We don’t sell, we proudly dress your windows. With a trained eye for color, scale and visualization we look at space as a whole, seeing the complete picture with the best window treatment choice that will work in your space. In comparison, big box stores contractually obligated to sell only certain vendors to consumers, therefore leaving you with very narrow selection of products. With an access to wide variety of options we promise to find the perfect fit for every window and every budget. Read our blog post about benefits of purchasing your window treatments from 7 Sisters Interiors here.  

During the phone interview:

We will ask you questions about the rooms we will be working on, how many windows and if any are unusual shape. Any challenges or concerns with privacy, accessing the windows for operation, darkening the room, etc. These questions guide us in the right direction of selecting the perfect window covering that will solve any problems. 

At the appointment:

We will review the overall style of your home, your needs then find the best practical and visually pleasing window treatment solution. What makes us different is, that we work toward not only updating your window coverings, but making it timeless and inviting. You won’t need to worry about an outdated look for a long time. Schedule an appointment here.