How to Prepare for Your Initial Appointment with an Interior Designer

Working with an Interior Designer can be an exciting experience. You now have someone who has the necessary skills to make your dreams come true. In order to make sure everything starts off the best way possible, you should be prepared for that very first appointment with your Interior Designer.

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Determine Your Goals

First things first, tell your designer why you’re meeting with them. Be honest in laying out your motivations for hiring them. Maybe you tried to do it yourself and ran into problems. Maybe you want to change your space but don’t know how to do it on your own. Tell them what you want the space to become or where it is lacking for you.

Make sure you tell your designer what you have already done to the space and what you would like to see be done. What pieces do you want to remain in the new design? Explain what you want to use the space for and how you want it to feel. Will it be for entertaining guests or for relaxing after a stressful day at work? Does it need to be child and pet-friendly? Establishing your goals can help set parameters for your designer’s recommendations, and help prevent any issues later on.

Set Priorities

If you’re designing your entire home or multiple spaces, it’s best to set some rooms as a priority. What needs to be done first? What do you want to be done first? Of all the rooms you want your designer to work on, which is the most important to you? Each person is different, so it’s okay if you want the kitchen done before the entry way, or the master bathroom before the living room. By focusing on one space at a time, you can help prevent problems and keep details from being missed.

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What’s Your Investment Range

A part of letting your designer know what you want is telling them what you want to invest. Creating a room over a short amount of time can be costly, but establishing a budget can make things all the easier. Tell your designer how much you want to spend and what the maximum amount you’re willing to go to is.

Be Prepared with Photos

You probably already have an idea of what you want your space to look like before hiring an interior designer. Perhaps you have a Pinterest board full of ideas and inspiration. Maybe you went old school and have a pile of magazine clippings. Either way, bring and show your designer any photos you have of your dream space. Presenting a visual of what you want can help your designer make it happen.

Be Prepared with Questions

Be curious! Do a little research beforehand and bring a list of questions with you to the appointment so you don’t forget an important talking point. Ask them about the process of designing your space, or what they might recommend. Ask about what problems might arise and how they would handle it. Tell them what concerns you might have before starting the project so you don’t run into any issues later on.

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