What to Look for in Quality Upholstery

When you’re buying furniture for your home, you want to go with the best. It needs to be comfortable, long-lasting, and it needs to look good. If you’re in the market for new furniture or upholstery, you should be aware of what to look for in order to get the best quality.

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Frame Construction

What’s on the inside really does count. One of the more crucial aspects you need to be on the lookout for with upholstery is the frame construction of the piece. Most stores include this information with the piece on the showroom floor, or it can be found out by talking with an employee.

The framing functions as the upholstery’s skeleton and needs to be durable. Good quality upholstery frames are made of hardwoods, which are sturdy and won’t warp over time. Alder, for example, is heavy hardwood and furniture made from it tends to be more durable. Pine, while it is used often for furniture, is soft and can wear down easily with use. Laminated plywood, which is multiple layers of lumber glued together and then compressed, is also an option. However, the quality of the plywood should be considered, as this can affect its strength and durability.

Coil Construction

The coils, or springs, inside the upholstery, are just as important as the frame. The main purpose of the coils is to support the seat of the piece, and—by extension—you. For upholstery, there are a few variations of coil and coil construction. Drop-in coils are pre-made coils attached to one another with metal clips and then inserted into the base of the chair or sofa. It is then fastened to the rest of the frame at the corners. It is quite durable and comfortable, and may possibly reduce the price of the whole piece.

Sinuous coils are zig-zagged or S-shaped wires that are inserted into the frame and stretched from either front to back, or top to bottom. This method makes the seat of the upholstery firmer than drop-in coils, which works better for aesthetics than comfort.

Coils can also be tied in one of two ways, either by hand or by machine. Price-wise, hand tied can be expensive and is open to flaws. Machine tied coils are used by the majority of manufacturers and leave little room for error.

Cushion Quality

The cushioning of a piece of upholstery acts as the filling and ensures your comfort. With good cushioning, you shouldn’t be able to feel the framing or springs. The arms of the upholstery are just as important, so remember to check them, not just the seat and backrest.

Some of the cushioning options include what’s called HR, or High Resilient, cushioning. HR is a manufactured polyurethane foam that is flexible and comfortable. It’s very consistent and rebounds easily to prevent loss of shape. A greener alternative is latex foam, which is a natural foam and is growing in popularity. Latex foam usage cuts down on unnecessary waste and bacteria and mildew cannot thrive in it. It is also highly biodegradable and is easily recyclable.

The density of the cushioning should also be taken into account, as this affects the overall comfort and quality. The density of foam cushioning is measured by the weight of the foam per cubic foot. For example, a density of 1.8 means that the piece has 1.8lbs of foam cushioning per cubic foot. Typical foam density in manufactured upholstery pieces ranges from 1.6 to 2.5.


The Benefits of Custom Draperies and Curtains

Adding a set of beautiful custom-made window treatments can be the cherry on top of a whole design. Going with custom draperies and curtains can tie a room’s entire design together in a way that store bought can’t. When you’re designing your” home, think about the benefits of custom curtains and draperies.

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Enhances the View

Custom curtains can be made to complement your windows and act as the perfect framing for your view of the outside. When open, custom draperies clear the view and can show off the beautiful millwork of the window framing. Don’t want to see what is outside anymore or need to block out the sun for a little while? Think of custom curtains as the wrapping on a present; they’re lovely even when they’re closed and the anticipation of seeing what is underneath adds to the joy of opening them.

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Unique Style

One of the biggest benefits of custom draperies is that no one else is going to have the same ones. Instead of going with the trendiest style in the store, you can have a customized style that is purely yours. The entire space is taken into account when making custom draperies to ensure that they perfectly compliment the space. Store bought options won’t necessarily fit with the design and trying to find the closest match to what you need can lead to extra stress that you just don’t need.

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More Options

Choosing custom over store-bought presents you with millions of options. In terms of fabrics alone, your possibilities are virtually unlimited. You can combine any choice of color, pattern, and material into exactly what you want and need for your space. By deciding what they will look like and what they’re made of, you can better control the quality of the finished piece. Customizable options make them perfect for layering with other window treatments, regardless if those other treatments are not customized themselves.

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With custom draperies, there is a significant amount of attention and care that goes into every step of their creation. As a result, they will usually be far more durable and will last longer than mass-produced store bought curtains. Constantly having to replace or repair draperies due to damage and age can end up costing more than they are worth. While custom draperies can be expensive, making sure that they’ll hold up to whatever thrown at them can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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Better Fit

One of the most frustrating things in design is finding something in the store that fits perfectly with your design and learning that it’s physically isn’t going to fit. It’s too big, too small, it’s not wide enough.

Store bought draperies are typically available in 12-inch increments, usually 84 inches, 96 inches, or 108 inches. These common sizes are not the best height for best fitting draperies. For an example, with eight foot tall ceilings 96 inch draperies are too long and 84 inch draperies are too short.

Our custom draperies and curtains are handmade locally to the specific height needed. In doing so, we can be absolutely certain that they will be the perfect size and length that you need.


How to Choose the Right Fabric for Your Roller Shades

Roller shades are popular for their ability to provide the right amount of light and privacy that you want. However, their effectiveness and appeal hinges on the fabric they are made from. When adding roller shades to your design, you need to know how to choose the right fabric to get what you want.

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How Much Do You Want to See?

With any kind of window treatment, you have to ask yourself: how much do I want to see? The type of fabric and the degree of thickness will affect not just how much light can filter through when closed, but what can be seen through it as well. It is important to remember that what you can see out during the day is what people can see in during the night. If you go with a thinner fabric, but still would like to have privacy, consider layering your shades with additional draperies to allow for easy adjustment. Another option is to choose a fabric shade with a tighter weave, which will provide more of a barrier against outside light and passersby.

There are light-filtering shades that provide privacy, yet still allow light to enter the room. The degree of filtering can range from sheer to room darkening. Room-darkening shades are NOT blackout shades; for 100% blackout shades, you may need to have a roller shade with side channels. Side channels block out the halo of light that sneaks out the sides of a roller shade. This option is more of a custom design and can come in your choice of motorized or manual use.

Solar Shades vs. Roller Shades What’s the Difference?

Solar shades are specifically designed to block the sun without blocking the view. They are a great option if the room has a high exposure to sunlight. Many offices and other commercial buildings, which get a lot of sun as a result of their design, have solar shades to preserve the view for their customers and employees. Fabrics for solar shades have an “openness factor” to describe how much sunlight they filter. The higher the number, the more light the fabric will allow through.

Solar shades tend to be a popular option because they can also help you save on your cooling bill. The more direct sunlight enters the room, the warmer that room gets. While this may be nice in winter time, it can be unbearable in the summer months. Choosing solar shades over traditional roller shades can help keep excess heat out of a room, depending on the density of the fabric.

motorized exterior solar roller shades

Exterior vs. Interior

You may come across roller shades that are marked “exterior” or “interior”. They might look and function the same, but their difference lies in what they’re made of. As the name suggests, interior shades are to be used indoors. Exterior shades are designed for outdoor usage and are made with special hardware. The material used for exterior shades will be more durable and will better handle the wear and tear of the elements while still getting the job done.


When Cordless or Motorized Shades are the Best Choice

When you are buying window shades for your home, you tend to run into the option of cordless or motorized shades. These two options typically are not the first thing on your mind when looking at window treatments, but they are important for the use and aesthetics of your design. Going with cordless or motorized can be the best choice you make when buying window shades.

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Cordless Shades

Perfect for children’s rooms, cordless shades are always recommended for their safety factor. A long cord can pose a risk of strangulation, which can happen with younger children who do not know any better and might play with it. It also tends to be more a visually appealing option, as there isn’t a puddle of cords sitting on the window ledge or getting tangled into frustrating knots. Overall, there’s less hassle with going cordless and fewer problems that can arise.

With all its benefits, there are a few problems with choosing a cordless shade. Depending on how big the window you are buying the shade for is, cordless might not be an option. Some shade brands that offer a cordless option will not have it available beyond a certain size. The accessibility of the window you are buying the shade for also may pose a problem. For hard to reach areas, cordless is not practical based on their design. It can be dangerous trying to open and close a cordless shade that is placed high-up.

Motorized Shades

Like the names suggests, this option comes with additional hardware to allow you to open and close the shade. Choosing motorized is perfect for hard to reach areas or shades that are too large or heavy to lift. Some options of motorized can be programmed to go up and down at specific times. Typically, they are controlled with a remote or switch, but some manufacturers have a smartphone option. Motorized shades are commonly powered by batteries, a plug-in transformer, or can be hardwired into your home’s electrical system. There may be a combination of power options, or a built-in back-up in case the main system fails.

Like cordless shades, a motorized shade does have some cons, usually with the power source. The size of a shade can affect how much power the motor requires. If you have a battery operated motor, the batteries will need to be replaced every one to three years. Hardwiring the motor to the rest of your home can increase your regular energy bills, which might deter some from going with that option. A plug-in transformer, while it may last longer than a battery, might fail or short out over time. Except for the battery option, a motorized shade will be useless during electrical outages and can be damaged by a power surge. The control system of shade can also potentially fail for a number of reasons—loose the remote, broken switch, crashed phone app—and there usually is not a manual control option on the shade itself.


Why Buy Window Treatments from 7 Sisters Interiors?

Most window treatment providers in North County San Diego  are home based businesses that are mobile and will bring samples of products to your home. We are no different in that retrospective. What makes us different is our expertise in interior design and window treatments combined together. We also have a great selection of trade designer fabrics that aren’t available to other window treatment companies.

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We Look at the Big Picture

At 7 Sisters Interiors, we analyze the whole space, not just the single part we’re working on. We will address the challenges and needs present in your space and take them head-on. We not only look at the functionality of the window treatments, but we dress them to best match the style of the room. In working with us, your window treatments will be as practical and as stylish as you want them to be.

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We Have Variety

We’ve worked with dozens of vendors over the years and are able to provide you with as many options as you need. At a home improvement store, there are a limited number of vendors and styles available to customers. At our company, we are not obligated to sell from a specific vendor or manufacturer and can provide a wide range of products to suit your tastes. We have thousands of fabric choices and have access to designs that are available only to those within the trade. On the chance that we don’t have the option you want, we will work our hardest to get it for you.

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We Customize

Like the rest of our products, all our window treatments are customized for you. We will come to your home directly to measure and install a perfect fit for every window. It is our goal to ensure that our work fits not just the window, but your taste and style. We are flexible, and will work with you on your schedule. Our window treatments will be made to your satisfaction and will meet your standards on aesthetics, functionality, and cost.

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We Have Experience

Over the years, we’ve seen trends rise and fall. We know what will work in your space and what won’t. We can professionally guide you to the best options and styles available for your window treatments. Our experience has given us the chance to hone our abilities and makes us the best at what we do. If a problem arises, we will know how to tackle it to best benefit you.

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We’re Personal and Local

When you work with us, you work with us. Everything stays in-house and we don’t bring third parties or outside groups into your project. We pride ourselves on having a direct relationship with our clients and will involve you in every step of the design process. In choosing to hire 7 Sisters, you are choosing someone who will work with and for you, for the sake of your own benefit. We take into account what you want and guide you to the product that will benefit your needs the most.

For the best experience in choosing window coverings for your home, please call us now @760-415-3396 or fill out the form here.