Custom Drapery and Curtain Heading Styles

Everybody has their own individual style that has developed over years of figuring out their personal tastes and preferences. This applies to clothing, music, and, of course, home décor!

You want your living space to be catered to your style and interests so that it always feels like home to you. So when picking drapery for your home, what are the heading options that you may want to consider?


Variety of Pleat Styles

Believe it or not, there is are very few universal names of the header styles. The names of the pleat styles may vary depending on which workshop you order from, but no matter what the name, there is a wide variety of pleats for you to select from! For a run-through of your options, you have pinch pleat, four finger pleat, inverted pleat, roll pleat, cartridge pleat, and box pleat!

This may seem like an abundance of different pleats, but all these options are there just so that you can find the exact look you want for your home! For great deals and photographs of what these different pleats look like, check out 7 Sisters Interiors and all the options we offer! The pleating on these custom drapes provides an elegance and flair versus a typical flat drape.

Custom Drapery Header options



Above are some of the more classic pleat styles, depending on the theme and décor of your room, you can decide which of these styles fits best in your home! You aren’t limited to these options only, at 7 Sisters Interiors we can create any custom header style that fits your taste.

grommet drapery side panels san Diego purple green side panels with rings

Schedule a Consultation Today to Find the Best Fit!

If you are unsure which design best matches the style of your home, you can schedule an interior design consultation with 7 Sisters Interiors to receive professional advice about the best options for you!

In the end, what matters most in your home is that your own style and preferences are reflected throughout! Explore the different options of custom drapery to determine what best fits your fashion choices, and then you will be on your way to customizing the home of your dreams!