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7 Sisters Interiors is located in San Diego, California.  We provide timeless interior design and quality home interior products.

Our philosophy drives every experience we provide, whether assisting you with a single-room redecorating project or updating every square inch of your home. We believe everyone is connected to their surroundings on an emotional level. Whether beauty is found in nature or in our own living room, it inspires joyful feelings and genuine appreciation.

A balanced space opens the flow of creative energy and unleashes positivity into our lives. A beautiful house compliments your lifestyle to a tee and elegantly represents your personality.

It just feels like home. Every time you walk in.


Best Interior Designer San Diego Southern california

After earning a Master’s Degree in science and moving to the United States from Europe, Emma Messerschmidt discovered her natural talent and passion for interior design. With a slight change of heart and career path, her American dream was born.

Emma enrolled in interior design classes and worked tirelessly toward becoming one of the best interior designers in the area. With over a decade of design experience and being awarded by a high-end furniture retailer as a Top 20 Design Consultant in the US, Emma was ready to sail on her own journey. The name 7 Sisters Interiors is a dedication to her six sisters whom she cherishes dearly.

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Not only do we seek the highest quality American made and eco-friendly products for our clients, we value compassion as much as we love a well-designed room. We proudly support San Marcos Casa de Amparo by donating a percentage of our annual profits to the treatment and prevention of child abuse.

We also encourage you to support the priceless contributions made to those in need throughout our community by the San Diego Habitat for Humanity organization.

Now that you know all about us, find out how we’ll turn your house into home